Twitter Challenge Up-Date

What have I learned in the Twitter challenge to-date?  What do I think of Twitter now?

It has been a week since I started this Twitter challenge so what happened out there in Twitterland?  I am now following 31 people and have 23 followers.  An improvement over the initial blog report!

I was given Dean Shareski’s blog as one to follow.  The initial post I read was about sharing.  Dean challenged people to:

Here’s an idea: put a sticky note on your desk that says, “What do you want to share today?” I’m not kidding. Then, if anything interesting comes your way: Share It!

I read his “about” page as I became very curious about a man who wrote such a post.  Surprise, surprise, he is a prairie man.  Go figure.  If you ever get lost out there, you can have a 45 min conversation with a stranger, get invited to their house for supper, then get the directions you need!  I ADORE the prairies.  So Dean, nice to meet you, I’m sharing!

I also was sent some great links: by Sue Waters, of course, on the value of using Twitter. from Rodd Lucier on types of communication within Twitter and also where there is a discussion on Rodd’s blog about the value of Twitter.

I found a grade 5/6 class blog just when I needed it!

I have learned to use, well sort of learned to use, Twhirl.  I have used direct messages and I have managed to put a toe out into the conversations.  I find that not so easy.  It feels like barging into a conversation at a party that you may not have been invited to. I tend to learn by “lurking” and “delurking” is rather a challenge.  So that will be the new challenge for the upcoming week: send out more tweets!

Now here are the more interesting things I’ve learned this week:

This Week’s Twitter in Review…

What do I think of Twitter now?  I’ll stick around for another week.  Lord knows what I might learn!

5 thoughts on “Twitter Challenge Up-Date

  1. Glad you found my post on Twitter useful. You might also find My Quick Start Tips to New Twitters helpful.

    I started to get twitter when I used a desktop application. Nowadays I use Twhirl which I’ve changed the settings so it slowly loads tweets onto the bottom left hand side of my desktop. (In Twhirl settings click on Notify and change enquence notifications > time to display 10 seconds).

    Surprisingly enough I’ve found over time the more people I follow the better Twitter gets. However I wouldn’t recommend getting too big too soon when first using it.

    I also use RSS from twitter to manage it as well. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Glad to hear that the first week as a twit is going well! I’m glad you found Dean Shareski–he’s had a real influence on how I operate. Sharing is a theme that runs through many of his posts and he really practices what he preaches!

  3. @Sue – I found that post – someone sent it to me and I used it to download Twhirl! Many thanks! Your blog is my blogging/twitter lifeline.

    @Claire – Hey there, yup, the “twit” is still grinding along at my usual glacial speed! Found the sharing of information amazing and the small bits of personal information made the environment less intimidating. Had a few laughs as well!

    @Dean – Thank you for the invite, Prairie Man. See, what did I say about prairie folks! Was in North Battleford 2 summers ago. I really loved the post on sharing. I share art projects, recipes and BOOKS!

  4. Cindy – Glad that my blog is a useful blog/twitter lifeline. Feel free to twitter me if you ever have any questions. Or let me know if you have a topic you would like me to cover on The Edublogger.

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