Setting Due Dates – A Prep Teacher’s Nightmare

One of the things that drives me crazy about prep teaching, which is what I do now, is trying to get work in from a large number of intermediate students who procrastinate their time away and I spend waaaay too much of my time chasing them down for work. I have better things to do.

I stumbled across this article from the Harvard Business Review where a study was done showing the effectiveness of deadlines in business. Funny how things in business can apply in education – yeah, I’m not going there. So I’ve decided that this year in my library research classes I am going to give a series of short due dates for chunks of work rather than one final due date for the completed work. I’m hoping that combined with using inquiry-based projects integrated with technology,  my students will be more engaged and able to get things done without me chasing them down for work thus wasting my valuable time and, in effect, teaching them nothing about being responsible but a great deal about being enabled!

I’ll keep you posted on the success of this! 🙂